Studio offers professional project management through all phases of the building process from idea to execution:


concept stage


architectural projects - authority projects

(building permission)



sales projects (for realestate agencies)


Rosenlund Arkitekter in accordance with the ABR-89 rules and standards.


In addition studio offers:

translation of architectural/building projects and project communication in languages

Danish, English and Polish.


Below exampel of our model for authority project.


phone number: +45 5029 7030


• Meeting usually at the address of the property, you are telling about your building ideas

• Offer sent per mail

• Preparation of the project and project sent to you per mail

• Comment from you

• Finihed authority project sent per mail

Rosenlund Arkitekter holds professional liability insurance.

You are welcomme to contact Rosenlund Arkitekter for more information.