Studio offers professional project management through all phases of the building process from idea to execution:

concept stage  

architectural projects – authority projects 

(building permission)


sales projects (for realestate agencies) and graphic design.


In addition studio offers:

translation of architectural/building projects and project communication in languages 

Danish, English and Polish. 

Rosenlund Arkitekter holds professional liability insurance.

You are welcomme to contact Rosenlund Arkitekter for more information. 


At this stage we want to hear about your ideas and desires. We will discuss options.The stage also includes surveying,

registration of the building (if necessary),

photo documentation, initial sketches and drawings.


Typical it will be:

•site plan

•plans, section and facade


•area calculation

-materials and colors selected / description

Contents may vary because there are no identical building projects.

Conceptual project can be very useful when you for example applying for a loan in the bank.

Read about the next stage of a building process here.

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Authority project includes typically:

 architectural and construction drawings

 an application for a building permit

• technical drawings

• static and energy calculations

• project description

In Denmark it normally takes 4-12 weeks

to get a building permit,

depending of the municipality and the project.

You are welcome to contact Rosenlund Arkitekter for more information and read about sells projects here


Sells projects typically contain:

• colored drawings illustration 

• 2D and 3D visualisation

• description of a building.


Sells projects are used for sales presentations, which are written presentation of a property.


Sells projects can also include 360 ° views

and film see example here

Rosenlund Arkitekter takes care about grafic design and visualisations.

You are welcome to read more about

our services – project communication

and contact Rosenlund Arkitekter for more info.



Rosenlund Arkitekter offer project managenment and communication in Danish, Polish and English

f ex. building meetings with underentrepreneur.

Feel free to contact Rosenlund Arkitekter

for quote via the contact form.


Below is example of our model for the preparation of an authority project for the building permit small cases.

•  Contact :

+45 5029 7030


• Initial meeting – usually at the address the project relates to. You tell about your ideas and building plans and we discuss opportunities.

At and you have the opportunity to check if there are already drawings of your property, if not, it is necessary to measure the building

•  Offer individually adapted to your needs

•  Preparation of material project sent to you usually per mail 

•  Commenting on material from you

•  Revision of material

•  The finished authority project – drawings for the building permit usually sent per mail

Contact Rosenlund Arkitekter and get non-binding offers adapted to your building project


Do you dream of a holiday home, colony garden house, holiday home, teenage house, guest house, home office, studio, or do you miss space in your house? You are in the right place. In our base, we have sketch projects, government projects for application for the building permit, sales projects.

Rosenlund houses can be used for holiday homes, colonial gardens, holiday homes, students housing, teenage home offices, studios, extensions.

Se mere her:


god design og godt håndværk spiller sammen


selected projects

selected projects


rebuilding extensions renovations 

• boligbyggeri Store Kongensgade København

• boligbyggeri Søndre Alle Valby

• boligbyggeri Classensgade København Ø

• boligbyggeri Allegade Frederiksberg

• boligbyggeri Roskildevej København

• boligbyggeri Søndre Boulevard København

• hotel Axel Helgolandsgade København

• hotel Carlton Vesterbrogade København

• Crown hotel København

• hotel Gyldenløvsgade København 

• hotel Coldbjørnsensgade København

• hotel Gullfossgade 

• hotel Bredgade København

• Plaza hotel København

• erhvervs og boligbyggeri Allegade København

• erhvervsbyggeri Gothabsvej Frederiksberg

• erhvervsbyggerier kontorlokaler, 4 bygninger Hejrevej København

• erhvervsbyggeri på Frederiksberg

• kontorer Gammel Kongevej København

• tofamiliehus på Frederiksberg

• villa og erhvervsbyggeri på Frederiksberg

• lejligheder Amagerbrogade København

• lejligheder i København

• Inddragelse af loftrum til beboelse  


 villaer i Gribskov, Hedehusene, Ringsted, Fredensborg 

København, Skovlunde, Gentofte 


• Augustenborg

nye bygninger

• sommerhus på Nordsjælland

• anneks Sjælland 

• sommerhus på Sjælland 

• nyt hus Sjælland 


• interiørvisualiseringer enfamiliehus

• soldiagram kompleks af byggerier

• renovering af badeværelser køkkener mv.

• brandplaner

• new 1 floor

• new tarras



rebuilding extensions renovations 

• hotel Guldsmeden Lulu i Berlin 

• boligbyggeri Tempel Herrn Strasse 

Simon Dach Strasse

Prenzlauer Allee

Krosner Strasse i Berlin 


rebuilding renovations 

 hotel Carlton Oslo

• tagterrasse Stavanger

• urban design diverse skitser byfornyelse


 rebuilding renovations 

• villa Libellule Menton Cote D. Azur 



 • byfornyelse Ciechanow 

• idrætshallen Bytom

ombygninger og totalrenoveringer

• ombygning byggeri i Mikolow 

• totalrenovering etablering af 1 sal ombygning af villa i Polen

nye byggerier

• nye huse tæt på Wroclaw 


nye byggerier

• villaer Ubud 

and more…

The site contains selected projects of Malgorzata property and during employment in architectural studios


Studio Rosenlund Arkitekter is located in Ballerup Municipality

Here on the side you can see the beautiful area Sømosen Lautrupparken on the border of Ballerup and Herlev Municipality.


is an architectural studio based near Copenhagen in Denmark that helps you with your construction projects i an safe and affordable way.

RA. helps both companies with totalrenovations redevelpment af hotels restaurants residential and

private extensions, totalrenovations houses and flats Studio works on house concept Rosenlund Houses.

You can read more here.

RA is operated by architect Malgorzata Margrethe

She has a master’s degree in architecture

from the University of Technology

and experience in design and building sector since 2004

and draws projects of bigger and smaller buildings: 

hotels, residential buildings, apartments and houses.

See selected projects here.

You are welcome to contact studio and hear what we can do for you. Contact form is here.



Studio is located in Copenhagen area

You are always welcome to contact us:

+45 5029 7030


or use form below,

to hear what we can do for you